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Candidates seeking an endorsement from FLOW may email the FLOW President.  Please include the position you are seeking, your current CV, your personal statement, and any other materials you would like FLOW to consider. FLOW's endorsement policy is listed below. All candidates will be given equal opportunity to seek an endorsement from FLOW.



The Filipino Lawyers of Washington (“FLOW”) is committed to uniting the voices of its members through advocacy and counsel to foster growth and diversity while celebrating Filipino heritage and culture. In furtherance of its mission and purpose, FLOW may choose to endorse candidates for offices or board positions of the National Filipino American Lawyers Association (“NFALA”), the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (“NAPABA”), the American Bar Association (the “ABA”) or other local, state or national bar organization to which FLOW is an affiliate member or with which a member of FLOW participates. Endorsement of a candidate may be extended to both members of FLOW and non-members.

Endorsement of candidates does not come with any expectation of assistance, including, but not limited to financial, material, or resources, from FLOW to such endorsed candidate. However, FLOW may choose to provide such assistance to candidates it endorses based on FLOW’s capacity and desire to give assistance.


A. Candidate must be running for a position within an election for a board or officer position of a local, state of national bar organization where (x) FLOW is an affiliate member of such organization, such as NFALA or NAPABA, or (y) members of FLOW participate in such bar organization, like the ABA, and the mission of FLOW could be furthered through more active FLOW interaction with such organization.

B. Candidate should show respect for, express agreement with, or demonstrate public action which shows agreement with FLOW’s mission and purpose statement.

C. FLOW’s endorsement may go to members of FLOW and/or non-members.

D. There is no limitation in the number of endorsements FLOW may make during a campaign.

E. FLOW’s Advocacy Committee has been been delegated with the responsibility for assessing the qualifications of FLOW and non-FLOW candidates seeking the endorsement of FLOW. The FLOW Advocacy Committee will assess each candidate using the criteria set out in this policy. This assessment may include inquiries into the background, practices and principles of candidates seeking endorsement.

F. Basic background checks (the quality and character of such background check is to be determined by the FLOW Advocacy Committee, and may change from time to time at the discretion of such committee) may be made in advance of an endorsement.

G. After endorsing a candidate, FLOW may revoke that endorsement – even during the election – if it deems that the candidate has acted contrary to FLOW’s mission and purpose statement or has acted in a way that brings FLOW into disrepute.


A. Each candidate seeking endorsement must submit his or her cover letter and personal statement to FLOW at explaining (x) why the candidate is running for the applicable position and is qualified to hold such position and (y) for candidates seeking an endorsement for offices or director organizations outside of NFALA, NAPABA or the ABA, a description of the applicable organization and how members of FLOW could benefit for increased participation in such organization and how the mission of FLOW could be furthered through more active FLOW interaction with such organization.

B. The candidates’ written materials will be circulated to the FLOW Advocacy Committee for review.

C. Candidates will be invited to call-in for a 5-minute interview with one or members of the FLOW Advocacy Committee and any members of the FLOW Board that can attend such meeting. For avoidance of doubt, there is no quorum or attendance requirement for any minimum number of FLOW participants at this interview.

D. For contested positions, all competing candidates known to the FLOW Advocacy Committee (without any obligation for the FLOW Advocacy Committee to perform any specific diligence in this matter) will be given an opportunity to request consideration for endorsement (i.e., if only one candidate for a contested position has requested an endorsement, FLOW will reach out to the opposing candidate(s), if known to the FLOW Advocacy Committee, to see if he or she also wants to be considered for endorsement).

E. For uncontested positions, FLOW will consider an endorsement request but will not solicit candidates to see if they want to be considered for endorsement.

F. Following the candidate-phone interview, the FLOW Advocacy Committee will deliberate and vote whether to seek the approval of the FLOW Board for a decision to either endorse or not endorse such candidate. Following an affirmative vote of the FLOW Advocacy Committee, a motion to endorse the applicable candidate will be made by an appropriate member of the FLOW Advocacy Committee at the next meeting of the FLOW Board, or in special circumstances (as determined by the FLOW President in its sole discretion) the FLOW Board may consider an action by any other means, including a written consent in lieu of a meeting that is executed by a majority or greater of the members of the FLOW Board.

G. Successful and unsuccessful candidates seeking FLOW endorsement will be promptly informed about FLOW’s decision. FLOW is under no obligation to justify or explain its decisions to the candidates.

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